Registered Dietician


CrossFit HardCore Nutrition

Are you frustrated and bored with your meal plan? Have you hit a plateau?

Let our team of experts take the stress away and do all the leg work for YOU!

Our approach to nutrition is completely different. Meaning, we do not believe in…one size fits all meal plans.

Everyone has specific needs and different goals, so many things must be considered: lifestyle, work schedule, food preferences, activity level and proper digestion.

Consult with our Registered Dietitian who will conduct a complete assessment and create a customized meal plan just for YOU.

Need support? This plan will also give you guided support and continued updated meal options so that you do NOT get bored! Throughout the program, you will be accountable to our Registered Dietitian which will ensure your success and continued progress.

  • Weight Loss

  • Lose Body Fat and Gain Lean Mass

  • Improve Performance

  • Sports Nutrition

We are experts in this field with the right education and nutrition knowledge so let us help you reach your GOALS.