By Lance Mosley



12 RFT

200m Run

7 Pull-ups

8 DB Power Cleans 35/50



On March 15, 2018, Deputy Ryan Zirkle of the Marion County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) (San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA) was killed in an on-duty car accident. Ryan had worked for MCSO for 2.5 years where he spent time both in the Custody division and on Patrol.

  • 12 rounds = Deputy Zirkle’s last radio traffic was that he was 12 minutes out from the call for service that he was responding to.
  • 1784 was Deputy Zirkle’s badge number.
  • 1 200m run… Deputy Zirkle got dusted in a foot pursuit a few weeks before his death… he was built for sprints, not marathons.
  • 7 Pull ups… Deputy Zirkle was known to frequent the pull up bar in the gym
  • 8 DB cleans… The closest CrossFit movement to curls… again
  • 4 Handstand push-ups… Deputy Zirkle was a multi-sport athlete, but grew up doing gymnastics and was known to do a few HSPU in full uniform."