By Lance Mosley



Childs Pose

Couch Stretch

Strength Work

It's 20 rep Back Squat Month!

We are going to take a few weeks off of the 5-3-1 program to build some size and leg endurance. To do this RIGHT, you need to take about 10-12min. to build up to a HEAVY 1-2 rep squat... Then, you get only 1 shot at a 20 rep max. Choose wisely. You should feel as though you are going to fail at rep 14. This should be one of the hardest things you do in this gym. For most people you will be using around 75-80% of your 1RM. Women can do upward of 80-90% usually. You can not put the bar back on the rack. You either get it or fail. Each rep should need about 2-3 breathes at the top. if you can just bang them out, you are doing it wrong. Each week you will add between 5-10lbs.



Min. 1) 12/15 Cal Assault Bike or Rower
Min. 2) 15 TTB
Min. 3) 5 Front Squats (from the ground) 135/185

For RX+ I want you to choose your own weight over 135/185. Make sure you can finish every round.


Same as above

*Except TTB=V-ups and Front Squats 95/135