By Lance Mosley



Banded Shoulder Distraction

Childs Pose

Pigeon Pose

Oly Lifting

Power Snatch

Warm up with to about 65-70% of your max and then complete

EMOM x 10min (3 Reps/Touch & Go)


3 Minute Rounds x 6 (as many reps as possible)

10 Jerks 75/115

10 V-ups

10 Hang Power Cleans 75/115

10 Hollow Rocks

*Try to stay within 1 round through all 6 rounds

Hard Core Fit

*Same except Push Press/Hang Power Cleans(use dumbells)


Grab a partner:

Each is a 8 min Amrap

A) one partner runs 400m, other burpees
*count burpees

B) one partner rows 250m other partner 25m prowler/sled push
*count prowler Meters

C) one partner runs 200m
Other partner cals AB

*count cals