Farewell WOD!!!

By Lance Mosley

Teams of 2

Buy In: (4)100m Sprints(each)

17 Over the Partner Burpees(each)-17yrs since we started HardCore Fitness/CrossFit HardCore

27 Wall Balls(each)-2007, the year we started CrossFit HardCore(took out the zeros)

47 Walking Lunges(together)-Adriana age

45 Box Jumps(each)-Lance soon to be age

15 TTB-Our last day

Buddy Carry-50m(each)-symbolizes the years we ALL carried and supported each other

10 WTF's(each)-10yrs doing CrossFit

54 Hang Power Cleans(total) 65/95-Marc age

Buy Out: 800m Run w/25/45 plate


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